Scott believes in fully funding education for Pre-K through college. Education is fundamental to the success of our communities and to having a fair and equitable society. Young people should not be burdened with a huge debt load. Additionally, we need more opportunities for people to participate in apprenticeship programs, especially for veterans returning to the civilian workforce. Finally, all students deserve a safe learning environment.

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Scott believes we need to fully fund transportation; transportation projects are vital to the success of our communities. Investments in transportation lead to the timely moving of goods and services throughout our region. There have been companies that have declined to startup or relocate to our region due to the state of our transportation system. Investing in infrastructure and transportation also provides family wage jobs for our workforce. Scott supports strong investments in upgrading our transportation infrastructure. Finally, Scott will work to make sure we have safe and efficient ferries and have a long term plan for timely replacement of ferries.

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Public Safety

Scott believes in supporting our First Responders. The state should do more to make sure they have the appropriate training, equipment, and personnel for natural disasters, especially an earthquake. As a professional firefighter, Scott has seen first-hand the difference proper training and equipment can make, and the current state of our infrastructure means we need to have well prepared first responders and emergency services. Scott also supports funding common sense measures that would protect our students and schools, as well as curb gun violence.

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Quality of Life

Scott believes in protecting our way of life in this beautiful part of our state. Scott believes in protecting our native fisheries and protecting the natural bounty of the Salish Sea. The growth management act is a vital tool, and  it is important for protecting our farmland and encouraging smart growth. Scott believes climate change is real and we need to be prepared for its effects and do everything we can to mitigate further damage. Investing in clean energy jobs is the best way to protect our environment and create living wage, union jobs. Finally, we need to make sure we invest in public-private partnerships between local governments, the state, and the federal government to end the affordable housing crisis, and make sure that everyone can afford to have a place to live.

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